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  1. Daniel Lovato says:

    Your comprehensive review comparing F45 and CrossFit is incredibly helpful for those considering which fitness program may be the best fit for them. The detailed breakdown of various aspects, from workout styles to community vibes, provides valuable insights for individuals making an informed decision.

    The emphasis on personal preferences, goals, and the importance of trying both to determine the best fit aligns with a thoughtful and individualized approach to fitness. It’s evident that you understand the nuanced differences and benefits each program offers.

    Thanks for sharing this insightful review. Your post is sure to be a valuable resource for individuals weighing their options between F45 and CrossFit. Here’s to everyone finding the workout environment that suits their preferences and contributes to their fitness journey!

  2. Great review . Coming from someone that has trained F45/BFT/UBX.. and currently training at a crossfit gym you are spot on. Crossfit is challenging and demanding but at the same time you work on your weaknesses and level up your skills. But if you are into building muscle and losing fat crossfit may not get you there.

    F45 I think is great if you like variety in your workouts and are more focused on getting a good sweat and burning calories without getting injured. The downside you mentioned the weights are on the lighter side.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it. I just moved and am thinking of finding a CrossFit gym again. I just wonder if I can find one where I don’t have to do the bloody snatch… 😂