Ultimate List of 26 Hours of Daily Life Hacks

Ultimate List of 26 Hours of Daily Life Hacks

This is is your ultimate guide to everything you need to do every day for a perfect life. Here's the list if you want to adapt it for yourself.

In the morning...

  • Make your bed with military precision (3 mins)
  • Meditate (20 mins)
  • Drink pu-er tea, or any other kind of tea, as long as it's green (10 mins)
  • Drink bulletproof coffee (10 mins)
  • Have a nutritious and balanced breakfast (20 mins)
  • Have an antioxidant-rich berry smoothie (10 mins)
  • Weigh yourself and record the weight in a spreadsheet, rounding down, and ignoring outliers (5 mins)
  • Measure and record your resting heart rate. You're like an athlete! (5 mins)
  • Exercise in a combination of HIIT, strength training and posing for selfies (45 mins)
  • Plank for one minute with only a short break around 40 seconds (2 mins)
  • Breathe deeply, focusing on breath, not focusing on non-breath (2 mins)
  • Stretch, focusing on mobility (15 mins)
  • Prepare and pack your lunch so it is a balanced meal, forgetting you have a lunch appointment (15 mins)
  • Write down your life goals and visualise them being true (10 mins)
  • Walk your dog, i.e. go outside so it can take a dump while you sneak a cigarette (30 mins)

Total: 3 hours, 19 minutes

Generally during the day...

  • Read an inspirational quote and share it on social media (5 mins)
  • Respond to urgent social media comments (20 mins)
  • Think of a compliment to give someone and then give it. Email is fine (10 mins)
  • Log foods you've been eating in a tracker (15 mins)
  • Delete one app off your phone (5 mins)
  • Pay 25c every time you swear (10 mins)
  • Take photos of all your food you eat or at least an empty plate (10 mins)
  • Drink eight glasses of water. Already there? Drink more! (10 mins)
  • Add lime to your water and tell someone why it's important (5 mins)
  • Put turmeric, cayenne pepper or yak butter in an inappropriate food (5 mins)
  • Research new superfoods to eat because your current ones are gross (15 mins)
  • Prolong all meals by eating mindfully (30 mins)
  • Pay and file bills as soon as you receive them (10 mins)
  • Donate or throw away one thing that does not "spark joy" (5 mins)
  • Wash your recyclable plastics to avoid waste and judgmental stares (10 mins)
  • Take one inspiring photo with your new camera (10 mins)
  • Keep your house tidier than it needs to be (20 mins)

Total: 3 hours, 18 minutes

On the way to work...

  • Sandbag travel time to allow for traffic and mishaps (30 mins)
  • Read the news (15 mins)
  • Study a foreign language on your cellphone, but do not say any words out loud! (15 mins)
  • Listen to a podcast on productivity, success etc. (30 mins)
  • Talk to a stranger on public transport and pretend to be interested in them (10 mins)

Total: 1 hours, 40 minutes

At work...

  • Arrive at work 15 minutes early (15 mins)
  • Make and drink an ethically-sourced pour-over coffee, twice (20 mins)
  • Tidy your work space to "slightly less disgusting" (10 mins)
  • Make a daily plan with 6 major goals for the day, sneaking in a few more, but doing only two at most (10 mins)
  • Exercise "extreme ownership" of someone else's problem (15 mins)
  • Do the hardest thing first, even if it's going to the bathroom (30 mins)
  • Set up your tomato timer to chunk up work into 30-minute slices of tomato (5 mins)
  • Express yourself with radical candour, then deal with the terrible consequences (10 mins)
  • Review and update cards on your Kanban board (20 mins)
  • Spend 30 minutes preparing for your two important meetings (60 mins)
  • Be five minutes early to every meeting (30 mins)
  • Introduce yourself to someone new at work and see if you can collaborate cross-functionally (15 mins)
  • Have lunch with someone. Never eat alone, at your desk or especially alone at your desk (45 mins)
  • Get up and stretch for 2 minutes every 30 minutes (32 mins)
  • Switch up the height of your table from standing to sitting (2 mins)
  • Take a mid-morning stroll to think about work (20 mins)
  • Go for a lunchtime walk to clear your mind (20 mins)
  • Take a refreshing power nap (30 mins)
  • Take an afternoon stroll for some other reason (20 mins)
  • Do yoga in a meeting room you booked as "status update" (30 mins)
  • Get some afternoon sun for vitamin D (10 mins)

Total: 7 hours, 29 minutes

After work...

  • Try a new kind of physical activity, like dog rock climbing (30 mins)
  • Invest 30 minutes into a relaxing hobby, like googling motorcycles (30 mins)
  • Do gardening (10 mins)
  • Check in with your life coach/reddit life coaching forum/life hacking website (15 mins)
  • Read 10 pages of one book (20 mins)
  • Learn something from an online course, like Udemy or Codecademy (30 mins)
  • Re-achieve coveted Inbox Zero in your personal email (30 mins)
  • Time box your social media for 30 minutes a day, but actually do one hour (60 mins)
  • Write in your journal (20 mins)
  • Listen to classical music e.g. 80's hip hop (15 mins)
  • Log your daily expenses and update your budget (10 mins)
  • Call your family and tell them you love them (10 mins)
  • Write one post on your professional blog on LinkedIn about how you crush it (30 mins)
  • Separate your recycling, and complain that nobody does this correctly (10 mins)
  • Maintain your capsule wardrobe (15 mins)
  • Cook a balanced dinner (45 mins)
  • Spend quality time with your loved one over dinner (60 mins)
  • Sell something you don't need on eBay (15 mins)
  • Work on your side hustle (60 mins)

Total: 8 hours, 35 minutes

Before bed

  • Reflect on three good things that happened in the day (5 mins)
  • Use a self-massager to ease shoulder pain (10 mins)
  • Conduct crucial personal hygiene (20 mins)
  • Drink herbal tea before bed (10 mins)
  • Drink one to two glasses of red wine (30 mins)
  • Floss like a mad thing (2 mins)
  • Give more attention to your neglected bedroom partner (10 mins)
  • Take a magnesium, calcium and zinc supplement (2 mins)
  • Do things that are good sleep hygiene, e.g. turning screens yellow (10 mins)

Total: 1 hours, 39 minutes


Total time taken: 26 hours. You still have minus 2 hours for sleep and a productive work day. Congratulations, you're crushing it!