Since 2018 I have been writing, or reading affirmations to myself daily.

I'm not sure who will read this. But I wanted it to be archived, for my own benefit.

The inspiration came from a book that Jo read and... didn't really like. But the theory of affirmations is that in order to become someone different, we have to visualise ourselves as being that different person.

Affirmations, or daily recital of goals, is the first step along this journey.

The journey

The affirmations started as a simple list of how I wanted my life to be. I thought: what's important to me? Where do I want to get to? These were my goals.

In the beginning of 2018, I began writing down every day that my goals were:

  • Learn 7-10 more languages
  • Traverse every continent
  • Have a well-rounded family with well-educated children
  • Master a suite of skills in adventure sports, martial arts and dance
  • Have a fleet of adventure vehicles on tap
  • Get to epic fitness levels, with a 'total' of 1100 lbs and ripped (even in suboptimal lighting...)
  • Have bases in three continents (Australia, Asia & Europe)

Sounds great already. But as I wrote them down over the course of the year a few things changed:

  1. The list got longer!
  2. The list became more about other people than myself. For example, I noted along the way that I really wanted to spend more time with people I loved, and with my family. I'd orient my life around that.
  3. I introduced character type goals. For example, being known as someone trustworthy.

The affirmations

This is where the affirmations as they are now. They're static in their present form. I'm not really sure about the family part, but why not.

The "Golden Rule" informs everything else.

I obey my own "golden rule"

  • I always strive to be a person I'd look up to.

I have a great attitude

  • I know and am proud of who I am. Of the things I do, the decisions I make, the way I live.
  • I know my own shortcomings and try to improve on them, without judgment.
  • I am, or am not yet (but am becoming), excellent at a wide variety of things important to me. More than a "jack of all trades", I'm a "master of all trades".
  • I am a positive person. I can do anything, and shock people by how well I do it.
  • I always do the hard things first.
  • I remain calm and happy in high-stress situations.
  • I am disciplined, tidy and organised, and an effective planner.
  • I am accepting of everyone, and non-judgmental.

I behave like a superhuman

  • I am extremely fit, hitting athlete-levels of fitness through sheer willpower.
  • I speak many languages and learn them easily, remembering everything, speaking well.
  • I am reliable and 100% trustworthy.
  • I am present and focused in everything I do, trained through meditation.
  • I am always in control, and only eat, say, and do exactly what I want.
  • I am a solid sleeper. I can sleep anywhere, and on command.

I work honestly and make millions doing it

  • I help others through my business and life.
  • I have 100% integrity, and always do what I know to be right.
  • I make multiple millions a year through my own businesses, on my own terms.
  • I build profitable businesses easily.

I learn and achieve many things

  • I have mastered a range of martial arts, art forms, and dance through years of practise.
  • I have, through training, developed an excellent short- and long-term memory.
  • I have travelled through every continent.
  • I live near nature and go camping regularly.
  • I have a garage full of motorcycles, adventure vehicles and gear, and use them regularly.
  • I have a full home in three continents and spend time with my family in all of them.

I have nourishing relationships

  • I treat everyone with equanimity and respect.
  • I say and do things now that I'd regret not doing later, like "I'm sorry" or "I love you".
  • I regularly see my closest friends, parents, and brothers.
  • I have a well-rounded family with children who are proud of me.