This is my resume, as honest as possible. In case you need to present it to a superior to approve hiring me, here's everything I had on my LinkedIn profile, before I decided to delete it.


I am a free-spirited, hard-to-bottle-up entrepreneur. I co-run Disco Media, an Australian multi-website and app development company. We build media and content in fields that we like, including language learning, travel, and the automotive sectors (mostly motorcycles).

Before starting this, I spent over a decade in the technology sector in management and consulting roles. I studied both Engineering and Law, at which I did well, but did not want to pursue as a profession.

I'm a hyperpolyglot, and a dilettante in many fields, from coffee snobbery to combat sports.


I started out all corporate but ended up as a self-employed entrepreneur and occasional freelancer in the field of operations management for tech companies. (This is reverse chronological.)

Disco Media — Founder / Director (2018+)

We started with one blog, and now co-run four profitable websites in the areas of education (language learning), automotive (motorcycles), and vacation rentals. Our main two are and We are currently developing apps and potentially courses. Over 15,000 people a day read our words. You are one of those!

100NXT — Founder / Director Global (2018+)

I do operations management consulting for tech companies with physical operations (i.e. that have warehouses and workshops), specialising in difficult operational problems that require on-the-ground work. I have consulted to scooter companies, a drone delivery company, and a retail queue management company, after years in special projects in ride sharing (below). Mostly I help out former colleagues, friends, or people I like. Are you one of those?

Lyft — Head of Hub Operations (2016-2018)

I was hired as a “do-anything” management guy (with an awesome title of "Special Ops Manager"), then I built and ran the operations for our in-person sites, “Lyft Hubs” for all of Lyft, managing over 200 sites nation-wide, offering in-person driver support, rentals, and other services. I made tons of friends, got promoted wildly, and even won an award for a project I did, but then left right afterwards do my own thing.

Pilgrim Coffee — Founder (2015-2016)

I created and developed (myself as haphazard developer) an app for coffee lovers, a global community-built map of specialty coffee sites around the world. I grew it to 5000 monthly users within six months. I sunsetted it after I got divorced, to be honest, as I didn’t want to look at it (0r any vestige of my former life) anymore. Here's my story of "Zero to App Store in 60 Days".

Eureka Watch Company — Founder (2014-2016)

I created a fashion brand watch (it just had one hand!) and built a profitable side hustle, but it was too much hassle so I wound it down… pun intended only in retrospect. Here's the Indiegogo campaign.

B.Prive Lingerie — Co-Founder/COO (2014-2015)

I helped launch a custom rapid manufactured made-to-measure high-end lingerie brand. My business partner and I were good friends but had different working styles, so I sold my stake to her so she could do it her way. Was a fun project, but it made lingerie seem mundane, sadly for me. It's now called The One Two.

Unity Asset Management — Director/COO (2012-14)

I ran operations for a boutique Hong Kong-based family office / investment advisory firm with US$1B AUM at its height. Was interesting, but my boss and all her clients were terrible people who frequently skirted outside the law. It was a toxic environment that put me off the industry. I learned what I could about finance (TL;DR: Just invest in index funds) and quit.

Groupon — GM (Revenue Ops), China (2011-12)

Joined when it was still part of Rocket Internet, a German copycat fund, and was called "Gaopeng" in China. I was hired as a "VP", and only when I arrived did I realise a bunch of other kids had the same title, like a sorority. I ran national operations related to deal development and sourcing. Managed a team of over 100 across three cities. It was total chaos, but I made a lot of friends, until Chinese internet politics ate the company.

Bain & Company – Associate Consultant (2008-10)

I was a junior empty suit who made slides and spreadsheets for far too many hours. Learned a lot about corporate polish and "zero defect". I quit when I realised that I was so unenthusiastic about a meeting I was flying to, that I'd prefer that the plane went down. I left to go do something interesting with my life (“Screw this, I’m moving to China!”). I still have actual nightmares about Bain. (Some stories of that time here.)

Accenture – Analyst (2007-8)

First job out of university. A lot of meetings and spreadsheets. It was fine, and I liked my boss, made life-long friends and did well, but the work was boring and frustrating, and paid terribly. Left after less than two years.


I spent too long in university, but it brought me to where I am.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level I (2014)

Thought I’d be one of those guys, but I’m not. I tried to fudge level II but one does not fudge a CFA.

Chinese Proficiency — Beijing Language University (2012)

I spent a year getting very good at (Mandarin) Chinese — fluent reading and writing, though I'm rusty now. This school is now closed.

Funny story, I was planning on doing an MBA. Even got a 750 GMAT. But I realised I was prioritising schools where you had to learn a language, like INSEAD or IMD, which is how I realised what I'd really rather be doing is study a language.

Monash University (Australia) – Bachelor of Laws & Bachelor of Engineering (2001-2006)

I got two bachelor's degrees as part of a joint program, as is the norm in Australia. I crushed Engineering (first class honours), did OK in law (won a prize). Decided both were careers I didn’t want. So much for six years!

Other / Misc

  • I’m a hyperpolyglot. I speak around 10 languages, but a few are always rusty. There are more in development. At least one language I speak will surprise you.
  • I enjoy combat sports (MMA / Jiu jitsu / Boxing / Muay Thai) with other grown adults. It's good fun with occasional black eyes. Also, I’m stronger than I look.
  • If you say "Hey Dana I'm thinking of getting a motorcycle, can you help?" you'll make me the happiest man alive.
  • I'm surprisingly good at baking and cooking in general. But I only do it for people I love!