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  1. I’m a 93 year old Australian born and have been living in Italy for 60 years. I got the idea of compiling a dictionary of Australian Slang for Italians so that an Italian tourist could get around better by knowing a few everyday words such as arvo, good on you, hooroo and their Italian equivalent. The basic idea of this dictionary could be applied later on to other tourist groups intending to visit Australia, such as French, German, Dutch and others.
    My work has now passed from a small hand book for tourists to a reference book for translators of novels or films. To make my project complete it needs to be converted to an audio dictionary with real-time response.
    If you have any idea on how to accomplish this project I woulld be happy to hear from you.

    1. I think you meant to comment on this post about Australian slang.

      This sounds fun. I’ll send you a note. How’d you end up living in Italy? That’s the real story! I’d love to move there, but alas post-Brexit that option is off the table (I’m British/Australian).