This is a text reproduction of a classic ad, direct mail advertising speaking directly to someone with the last name Macdonald, rewritten to myself.

1010 Tabriz Avenue
Tehran, 41852

Dear Dr. Hooshmand,

Did you know that your family name was associated with the photo of a noble family three centuries ago in Shiraz, Iran (then the Persian Empire)?

My husband and I discovered this while doing some research for some friends of ours who have the same last name as you do, incredibly! We've had a professional painstakingly improve the quality the photo to add visible and clear detail. This photo, along with other information about your name, has been included with an attractive one-page report.

The bottom half of the report tells the story of the very old and distinguished family name of Hooshmand. It tells what the name means, its origin, the original family motto, its place in history and about famous people who have shared it. The top half has a large, beautiful reproduction of the earliest people known to bear the name Hooshmand described above. This entire report is documented, authentic and printed on parchment-like paper suitable for framing.

The report so delighted our friends that we have had a few extra copies made in order to share this information with other people of the same name.

Framed, these reports make distinctive wall decorations and they are great gifts for relatives. It should be remembered that we have not traced anyone's individual family tree but have researched back through several centuries to find out about the earliest people bearing your distinguished name.

All we are asking for them is enough to cover the added expenses of having the extra copies printed and couriered. (See below.) If you are interested, please let us know right away as our supply is pretty slim. Just confirm that we have your correct name and address and and send us the correct amount by PayPal for the number of reports you want. We'll courier them to you promptly.


Nancy L. Halbert

P.S. If you are ordering only one report, pay twenty dollars ($20.00). Additional reports ordered at the same time and sent to the same address are ten dollars each. Please pay me directly via PayPal.