This is just a brief announcement: I've moved nearly all my articles about motorcycles to a whole new website, Motofomo. All new articles about motorcycles will be published there.

If you signed up to and are interested in motorcycles, visit from now on.

I won't move the emails over because I don't want to spam people who signed up for something else (or who have lost interest).

Since I started this personal blog in mid-2018, I've gotten to the point where half the articles are about motorcycles, and 75% of my visitors read those articles. I can take a hint!

Because my personal blog has so much mixed/diverse content (basically, "things I like/am interested in/have done", including everything from things about technical operations, building websites, and the stock market), I want to give an opportunity for people who are really just interested in motorcycle buyers guides, reviews, and repair guides and so forth by an independent blogger to read just those things. Motofomo will be that new place.

The best part is (this is kind of the reason that I did it) is I can now go to motorcycle manufacturers and dealers and say "I run a website called Motofomo" rather than awkwardly saying I'm an independent blogger who posts on a website that shares my name and I happen to get a lot of motorcycle-related visitors.

If you're one of those manufacturers, contact me to work with me!

I'm keeping advertising off Motofomo website for now. I'm running it purely on donations (zero so far), and maybe a few partnerships with some cool companies I like.

If there's something you'd really like to see, then let me know. Or just tell me what you've already liked so I'll do more things like it.

All the best and stay in touch.