2023 2024 Google Pixel vs iPhone Unique Features

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  1. this is actually the best review i have ever seen. I like how it focused on things that are important and didnt waste 20 minutes of my time showing me what it looks like when you open the box and what the back of the phone looks like even though it will be in the case

  2. Glenn Watson says:

    Nice review,

    One feature I miss from the Google Pixel (I converted to iPhone during the dreaded Pixel 6 hardware failures) is the ‘auto hold’, where it can detect when a human comes on the line and you can pick up again.

    1. Wow, awesome one. I have always wondered why that never made it to iOS. Presumably a patent.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been using the iPhone for years, but I’m seriously tempted to switch to the Pixel 7 Pro after reading this comparison. That ‘Astrophotography mode’ sounds incredible, and I’m loving the idea of Google’s AI-powered photography enhancements. Does anyone have any personal experience with the new Pixels? Would be great to hear about their real-world performance.