pub-style cheeseburger and fries. for article about things I love about america

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  1. Brian Schwartz says:

    I appreciate the reminder about all the good things we have going for us in America. I think too many of us take it for granted. I’ve done my fair share of comparisons on our own recent overseas travels, observing all the positives I see in other countries (that America lacks). But you are right about entrepreneurship… without it, many of us would be stuck in jobs we hate. While those of us who are self-employed may work longer hours, we (hopefully) get to do more of what we enjoy and I wouldn’t trade it for fewer hours doing something I don’t.

    1. Thanks Brian! Totally agree — doing things we love and managing to keep a roof over our heads doing so is pretty special. It wasn’t easy to get there, and not easy to keep doing it, but I don’t take it for granted!