I had a pretty good run at Lyft in two and a half years between 2016 and 2018. For the majority, I was Head of Hub operations, where I directly managed processes, culture, training, tools and analytics for all our retail operations around the company (comprising some 200 sites, and nearly a thousand people).

Some of the things I did

  • Retail experience: I was responsible for the entire service experience in "Retail Ops". This started with Hubs, and the culture of service that we had, that we conveyed to staff through a rich training curriculum that evolved over the time I was there. That expanded quickly to our other retail fronts – Express Drive and Onboarding — since the people and tools overlapped, and in Hubs we had the best tools, metrics, culture and processes.
  • Retail technology and tools: I personally built the first version of a processing engine for every single visit to Hubs. It started with one location, and just a few hundred visitors a day... it ended up being ten thousand visitors a day, all going through my server. It connected many disparate platforms to create a rich data and management system.
  • Workplace productivity: On the back of the retail technology and tools, I established the first metrics for workplace productivity, and started benchmarking sites against each other. We measured "tickets per agent per hour" using a complex array of logic, and it was the baseline for getting the most out of our employees.

When I gave notice in August 2018, I gave an almost unheard-of three months notice. Nothing happened while I was there - partly due to a re-organisation, but also partly because it's hard to replace one person who does so many things.

I noticed these job postings a little while later. These are my jobs, but in three people!

The first one (workplace productivity) probably encompassed more than just my job, but it was nice to know that I had laid the foundation with our rich data systems.

Retrieved from the Lyft careers page in 2018