Toyota Camry Hybrid at Pickles Auction

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  1. Thanks mate! Been looking at Pickles recently and still a bit hesitant, but hearing from someone who has actually bought vehicles from them puts me a bit more at ease. Still a bit uneasy about all the extra fees that no doubt will add up to thousands no matter what. Saw a good Prado that was up for auction in the NT last week that looked like a perfect match for what I was looking for but the idea of trying to organise transport for it to regional WA put me off even bidding on it. Do you think it’s reasonable to buy a vehicle from that far away?

    1. NT to WA sounds like a bit of a hike! I’ve bought vehicles from interstate before (not at auction) when I was very clear on fees for everything, but that was when I had done video calls with sellers to make sure it was all ok. Call Pickles for transport options, and see if the math adds up.

      But sounds like it’s not an urgent buy, so maybe wait for the ones coming up in the WA government auction, which also gives you time to go inspect by appointment (which you can with some of the local government ones). Since it’s a 4×4 you can check it for rust and so on. Good luck, keen to hear how it goes, drop me an email if you find the time.