Australian Apples Taste Test Comparison Cover Image

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  1. Annabella Geach says:

    Thankyou for the information on apples. I very rarely ate them because they were usually sour or dry. I’d just grab any apple from a supermarket shelf hoping that this will be the rare occasion that I will really enjoy eating an apple . I love apples when I randomly find a sweet and juicy one. Last week when I randomly grabbed an apple it was so good but I had no idea what the apple was called. Since then I’ve been grabbing random apples in the hope to find that sweet juicy apple again but all I’ve
    found are sour or bland apples again. Thanks for your advice as I really love apples (well one in every twenty at the moment) tomorrow I will go get a Fuji FFS apple 👍😃

    1. Happy to spread the love! Totally get the 1/20 ratio! Let me know if you’d change anything I wrote. Sometimes I drive by a farm and they always have something good, but I don’t know how to reliably find those…