This is a master index of everything I've written about motorcycles.

Announcement — Launching Motofomo

Since so many of my visitors were interested in motorcycles, I (re-)launched a website dedicated to buyers guides, reviews, and other motorcycle-specific stuff.

Join me over at Motofomo. Head over there for the latest!

The rest of will remain what it is — a personal blog.

Motorcycle Buyers guides

When buying any motorcycle (or sometimes afterwards...) I get obsessive about learning EVERYTHING about a motorcycle. I then put down what I learn into a buyers guide, describing the generations and differences between them, common problems/what to look out for, and roughly how much to pay (where that makes sense).

These are articles about buying a motorcycle, comparisons between generations, or comparisons between a range of alternatives. They're not specifically reviews, though they might contain some review elements.

Here are all my buyer's guides.

Motorcycle Technology Guides

Sometimes I get a little obsessive about motorcycle technology, like cornering ABS and start wondering "Wait, what are all the bikes with this technology?"

These articles take a while to write, as I often have to learn a few things while doing the research, but people seem to love them!

Gear and Stuff

I thought I had written more posts on gear but I hadn't. I'll have to do more of that!

Motorcycle Reviews and Articles about Specific Motorcycles

These are all the reviews I've done of motorcycles. I've ridden all of these at least 250 km in a variety of conditions... but mostly 1,000 km or more, with them in my possession.

In no particular order...

Guides to Buying and Selling Motorcycles

I churn through quite a few motorcycles. I tend to buy them and keep them for just a few months... the longest has been a year or so, in recent times.

Here's everything I do to buy and sell motorcycles.

Motorcycle Repair and Modifications guides

These are repair guides. Generally for the older, more problematic motorcycles I've had.

Motorcycle commentary and analysis

Finally, sometimes I write about the market and give my generally unsolicited opinion.