This page is addressed to those millions of earnest, hard-working people who want to take things easier someday.

It tells how these people, by following a simple, definite plan, can provide for themselves in later years a guaranteed income they cannot outlive.

How the plan works

It doesn't matter whether your present income is large or merely average. It doesn't matter whether you are making a two thousand dollars a month or twenty thousand. If you follow this plan you will someday have an income on which you can retire.

The plan asks you to deposit only around fifty dollars a month – the exact amount depending on your age. The minute you make your first deposit, your biggest money worries begin to disappear. Even if you become totally and permanently disabled, you would not need to worry. Your payments would be made by us out of a special fund provided for that purpose.

And not only that. We would mail you a check every month during the entire time of your disability, even if that disability continued for many, many years – the rest of your life.

Get this free book

Australian Investment Partners, which offers you this opportunity, is a billion dollar company. For over three quarters of a century they have been helping millions of people to end money worries.

But you're not interested in us. You are interested in what we can do for you. An illustrated, 36-page book called "How to Get the Things You Want" tells you exactly that. It tells how you can become financially independent – how you can retire on an income – how you provide money for emergencies – money to leave your home free of debt – money for other needs.

This financial plan is simple, reasonable and logical. The minute you read about it you will realize why it accomplishes such desirable results – not for deadbeats, not for people who can't make ends meet, but for hard-working, forward-looking people who know what they want and are ready to make definite plans to get it. No obligation. Get your copy of the book now.


This is a modernized adaptation of an ad that ran in 1929 by advertising legend John Caples, created for Phoenix Mutual. Interesting facts: Caples wanted to use the phrase 'quit work', and addressed this directly to (the large group of) people who want to, adding 'some day' at the last minute because he didn't want people to be made to feel uncomfortable by the idea of quitting work soon.