You know you want that iPad Pro, with its shiny new iPadOS that will soon let you do things you could previously only do on laptops.

You keep wondering: Can an iPad replace my phone? Can an iPad replace my laptop? Why should I get an iPad?

Well, stop wondering. Here are 11 actually legitimate reasons you can use to justify dropping many hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a new iPad.

An iPad will make you happy for a short time after purchase.

You'll love the Apple Store's environment or the fast shipping. You'll love the unboxing. You'll even enjoy the setup.

You'll keep being happy every time you look at it until you forget about your new iPad. But then, you'll be happy every other time you occasionally remember you have it, too.

The iPad's keyboard is reliable.

Unlike most of the current Mac line-up, you can type on the iPad without random. double. Spaces. Making. New. Sentences oritnotworkingatall. And the keyboard only costs $200 extra!

Apple customer support is really good.

Especially for asking questions like "My iPad is broken, can I schedule an appointment at a distant store where I can wait for an hour after my scheduled time, only to be told what I already know, that it's broken?"

iPads only bend sometimes.

The whole "bending iPads" issue is overblown. Is yours bent? Are you sure? It's an expensive device and a billion dollar company, are you really second-guessing them? Perhaps what's bent is every flat surface in your house, or you yourself.

You could finally learn how to draw!

With user-friendliness that's almost as good as a pencil and paper, only slower and thousands of times more expensive. Also, where's that damn pen?

The browser will soon finally be as good as the one in all your other computers.

With the iPadOS update in 2019, you will finally be able use that gigaflop of quantum computing power to do more than watch Netflix. You can finally browse the web! Like on your laptop, or that cheap Chromebook you just remembered you had. But on an iPad!

Unlike a laptop, an iPad is FUN.

Laptops are boring because they're for work. iPads are fun! They're fun for email, browsing, social media and all the other things that you do on your laptop.

The fingerprints on your screen will be for a reason.

You keep poking your Mac's screen by accident, so those fingerprint marks may as well be useful for something.

You could use the charger to fast charge your Android phone.

Or your iPhone, with a separate USB-C-to-Lightning cable you could buy.

There are no real competitors to iPads.

It's the only device that can do what it does, other than laptops and phones.

iPads are cool and you want one.

Wait, did you need another reason?