Location: Australia, Europe

Actually this is not a "job" posting. We don’t hire anyone who’d ever call themselves an “employee”.

This is a posting for a person we can — and want to — work with.

Company description

We’re a group of friends who genuinely enjoy being with each other and our families, who only do projects for people we like and deeply respect. We help them do things they don't have time to do and have no idea how, and we do them better and faster than they thought possible. Generally, this is in the "technology operations" industry.

Role description

We're looking for someone we can trust to develop and run projects for clients in the "technology operations" industry, loosely defined as "any company that does its business mostly through a website or app".

Your main task will be to help clients be awesome, making or saving them more than 10x the money that we charge. You'll spend time figuring out what they need, ruthlessly prioritising, building trust and camaraderie with their teams, and then spending as much time as you need to give them things that blow them away.

You'll work as hard as you need to, but it'll never take away time from your family, side-projects, or hobbies. In fact, those are almost integral to your work, because what you learn being amazing outside work can only help you be amazing everywhere.

We'll find the clients for you, then set you loose and give you all the resources you need: back-office support, tools, and endless guidance. But if you find clients, then you can expect to be rewarded.


We want you to:

  • Help those around you (team-mates, partners, customers) to be better, wealthier, and happier
  • Only do important work, and stopping doing anything unimportant
  • Never stop proving yourself, every day, to everyone
  • Treat people with equanimity and genuine respect
  • Do whatever it takes to get something important done
  • Communicate clearly about how a project is going and what you need
  • Constantly surprises people with special skills (that sometimes we didn’t even know existed) to do what’s critical
  • Learn how to do new and totally unfamiliar things constantly
  • Creating endless side projects that become profitable parts of the company


  • A desire to make everything around you better
  • Ability to solve any problem simply, quickly, and efficiently
  • A genuine belief that you can do anything
  • A personality that people are drawn to and quickly trust
  • Boundless humility framing your abundant self-confidence
  • An accepting, non-judgmental attitude of everyone around you
  • Trustworthiness, so we can ask you to do something, walk away, and find it has been done later (and better than we expected)
  • Integrity to the point of spontaneously quitting if you can’t put your name behind something
  • Honesty levels that make corruption in others wither and die
  • The ability to see opportunity everywhere
  • Joy in learning difficult things
  • Experience in creating awesome projects and seeing them through

Employment requirements (the paperwork)

  • Permission to work in the EU or Australia
  • Able to travel 50-100%
  • Comfort with blending work and personal life

We pay based on performance — your performance, and company performance. You’ll get a share of project and company profits. (Yes, we’ll guarantee a certain minimum. But it’ll always be WAY over that.)

If you screw us over, we'll hunt you down.

Still want to apply? Send an email with a link to your LinkedIn profile to [email protected].