I am a sucker for the Medium style applause per article. Who wouldn't be? It is so positive. It doesn't even give the option to downvote something. I wanted it!

I decided to poke around and work out how to implement it for a Ghost blog to create the same atmosphere of positivity. Surprisingly, nobody is licensing this plugin anywhere (actually, are there even plugins for Ghost?

Design instructions

I rarely code from scratch; I mostly steal and give credit. Credit: this guy. He wrote some code on CodePen, largely to make the visualization work, and I'm making it work for a Ghost blog.

I had to:

  • Adjust a bunch of sizing parameters so it was smaller (the code was from a past format)
  • Change the typeface and positioning of the text
  • Change the code so it takes the existing number on the page, and increases that.

See what it looks like at the bottom of this page. It's centered, but I think that's fine.

How to install it

Coming soon, but if you like code you can figure it out. I'll have to modify the template, and will do that for post.hbs, in the section for comments.